Sensei Joachim Laupp

50 years of martial arts as a way of life

Foto Sensei Joachim Laupp

Sensei Joachim Laupp, 9th Dan Hanshi is director of the Shirasagi Honbu Dojo in Trier and the European Center for Okinawa Shorinryu Shidokan Karatedo in Duesseldorf.

Sensei Laupp is a student of Grandmaster Miyahira Katsuya, 10th Dan Hanshi. Sensei Miyahira died on 28.11.2010. He was the head of the entire style worldwide. He asked Sensei Laupp to distribute Shorinryu Shidokan Karatedo in Europe.

Okinawa Shorinryu Shidokan Karatedo is a long name for something that, in short, means only one thing: traditional karate. On the Japanese island of Okinawa - the cradle of karate - martial arts emerged in the 16th century. And in all their diversity we still practice them today.

It is easy for Sensei Laupp to explain what traditional karate means to him: learn to live.

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