The way of the modern Samurai

Mindfulness as art oft the way (do).

Foto Sensei Joachim Laupp
"The body of the karateka should become like bamboo: hard and strong, however flexible." The spiritual aspects of our martial arts are aiming for a strong, healthy and flexible mind.

Karate forms body and mind

Constant exercise leads to internal durability.

In our dojo you will as well find students searching for knowledge of life. Skills such as self-awareness, self-assurance, and self-defense grow with the intense study of our martial arts. It can be practiced into old age: On Okinawa, 70-year-old karateka are common.

Experience the positive effects of the karate exercise and learn from first-hand:

  • Self-realization - "Know yourself before judging others." Practicing martial arts promotes an open mind that enables new insights.
  • Self-assertion - Overcoming uncertainties through regular karate exercise, thus benefiting from a more confident demeanor and more courage in everyday life.
  • Self-defense - When the samurai pulled his sword, there was no turning back. He had taken his final decision. In our time, that means having the courage to make a decision and bear the consequences.

"Karate is a sword that you use against yourself to hone your own character, rather than others," says the Master. "As in life, you encounter obstacles you can not handle.
But you have to deal with them."


The way of martial arts

"Budo starts where the technique ends," they say, meaning that budo is an art that you practice all your life, which is why you are looking for self-perfection in Budo. The samurai practiced this way for a lifetime.

This way can be found in the syllable "Do" - a method of internal collection and centering. A teaching principle in which the process, the action, is more important than the result. 

Transferred to life, the practice of karatedo allows you to be mindful in terms of physical and mental confrontation. 

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