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Okinawa Shorinryu Shidokan Karatedo ... a long name for something that in short means only one thing: Traditional Karate, originated on the Japanese island of Okinawa.

Grand Master Miyahira Katsuya

Founder of Okinawa Shorinryu Shidokan Karatedo is Grand Master Miyahira Katsuya 10. Dan Hanshi, (16.08.1918 - 28.11.2010).

Sensei Joachim Laupp

Sensei Joachim Laupp, 9th Dan Hanshi, is he head of the Dojo in Trier and Düsseldorf. He practices and teaches Karatedo for 50 years.

The way of the modern Samurai

Learn about mindfulness as art of going the way and a healthy, strong body - as hard and flexible as bamboo.

Our Dojo

Dōjō (道場) [doː.dʑoː] Dojo means the place to practise martial arts. Visit our Dojo in Trier and Duesseldorf. You are cordially invited. Children from age of 4 and adults of all ages.

Dojo Trier

The Dojo has been set up in 1997 in Trier. It is the Honbu Dojo of Okinawa Shorinryu Shidokan Karatedo in Europe and it has already a more than 20 years tradition.

Dojo Düsseldorf

Our Dojo in Duesseldorf has been set up in 2007 and is the European Center for Okinawa Shorinryu Shidokan Karatedo.


Okinawa Shorinryu Shidokan Karatedo is a big community – become a part of our community.

Shibu Dojo

Our Shibu Dojo in Germany are closely linked with the Honbu Dojo. They have been set up and are headed independently from students of Sensei Laupp.

Our style abroad

You would like to represent our style in your country and you wish to set up a dojo for Shorinryu Shidopkan Karatedo? Please contact us.

Study with us!

Become a martial arts teacher! Start your education as martial arts teacher with Grandmaster Sensei Laupp, 9. Dan Hanshi.

25 years anniversary 2016

In september 2016 we celebrated 25 years Okinawa Shorinryu Shidokan Karatedo in Germany with high respected visitors from Okinawa.

Our tours to Okinawa

In 1956 Miyahira Katsuya founded the Shidokan Honbu Dojo in Tsuboya / Okinawa. Regularly we visit this Dojo and our grandmasters of the Shidokan-family.

 1. Miyahira Kata Cup in 2018 

Honoring Grandmaster Miyahira Katsuya 10. Dan Hanshi the first Kata Cup for kids and youngsters was held in September 2018.


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Dojo Trier

Shidokan Shirasagi Honbu Dojo Trier

Sensei Joachim Laupp, 9. Dan Hanshi
Saarstraße 67, 54290 Trier

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Dojo Düsseldorf

Europäisches Zentrum für Okinawa Shorinryu Shidokan Karatedo

Sensei Joachim Laupp, 9. Dan Hanshi
Rethelstraße 28 (in the yard), 40267 Düsseldorf

Offers + Opening hours

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